OVERVIEW Histogram was first introduced by Karl Pearson as a visualization to present the distribution of a set of data. It shows the estimation of the probability distribution for a continuous variable like a range of value, which is referred to be "bin". Histogram is easily recognized as a bar chart with no space between … Đọc tiếp Histogram

Interactive Storyteller – Instruction on Excel

Concept: This is one line graph showing the number of active users through time periods. The top buttons are option buttons which provide different data reflected by the visualization when clicking. The top presentation note is also changeable by the option buttons, which create multiple stages of presentation in one graph. Stage 1 : Stage … Đọc tiếp Interactive Storyteller – Instruction on Excel

Distribution Deviation Graph

OVERVIEW Distribution Deviation Graph is a visualization that presents the changes or gaps between two statistics to highlight the comparison between them. It can be applied with trend over time or list of category for comparison. The graph below showed the differences in the shipments % for each type of shipment by shipping day comparing two warehouse: … Đọc tiếp Distribution Deviation Graph

Cycle Plot – Instruction on Excel

OVERVIEW Cycle Plot is mentioned in the book "Now you see it" of Stephen Few as a good tool to present trend overall of different statistic over times. For example, the below graph show how many blog visits in different months but also flag the performance of each month through 2002 - 2013. Excel Sample Download Cycle … Đọc tiếp Cycle Plot – Instruction on Excel