Distribution Deviation Graph


Distribution Deviation Graph is a visualization that presents the changes or gaps between two statistics to highlight the comparison between them. It can be applied with trend over time or list of category for comparison. The graph below showed the differences in the shipments % for each type of shipment by shipping day comparing two warehouse:

  • Excel Sample Download
  • Distribution Deviation Graph:


  • Concept: Using cluster bar graph with the data showing difference in shipment % between two warehouse.
  • Note: Because we focus on the difference between two warehouses, therefore, the Vertical Axis is divided into two direction with the upper is the % that Atlanta’s greater and the lower is the % that Chicago’s is greater. These two signs can be added by text box. To change the value of the Axis as above with all positive change, go to Format Axis -> Number -> Category: Custom, Type: 0%, 0%



  • Few, S. (2013). Information dashboard design: Displaying data for at-a-glance monitoring. 2nd edition. Burlingame, CA: Analytics Press.



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